iPad Music Production

iPad Music Production or producing music using the iPad seems to be an exciting experience. It's got many of the elements to an effective music platform, however you will discover a couple of caveats that you ought to be familiar with.

Let us jump strait into it then. Could the iPad have any of the important music production candy ported onto it? That will be the greatest thing us beat creators as well as producers need to hear. Propellerheads, that create Reason (a successful Mac and PC music program), have kept the door open up to get a Reason-like application for the iPad.

Controller apps tend to be certainly expected for Apple's most current offering. Novation as well as Steinberg have already made applications for the iPhone along with iPod touch to help you control the computer's apps - to shift faders plus twist knobs and more - however there's no full fledged software that has built its way in these kinds of mobile devices yet.

Several portable beat making programs present the fragility on the iPhone, draining the battery power quickly and they are not easy to use; those which are user friendly are absurdly limited. Generally there needs to be a compromise, however using the iPad, odds are that the larger screen plus enhanced processing allows for much more good offerings.

It's however not clear precisely how ideal it is with regard to music production. Music Producers are familiar with using their own fingers as well as hands to compose their particular songs naturally, not having tactile response can make it hard to actually feel the music you are putting in.

It's tough to estimate just how comfortable it'll be for you to work with it within music production. One more concern for Apple along with consumers is drum pads plus music keyboard on the display screen getting hit way too hard and so damaging the sensitivity as well as the screen's appearance itself; also cracks might be on the horizon! In case you seriously get into your music hard, I suggest you to skip the iPad.

Hard working musicians know that sweaty or moist hands can turn out to be a challenge. Also the tiniest moisture will probably reduce correct screen tracking. Remember though, these are all just speculations.

Here is a video by my man Ecken Making a beat with the iPad using Logic Studio. iPad Music Production

You can buy the iPad online at amazon.

As the iPad is clearly not really the 1st multitouch music controller out there, it certainly provides plenty of possibilities in the music market and also we are not only talking about iTunes.

When the market increases, we will have lot's of artistic applications which will help take musician to a higher level. Here are a few iPad Music Production apps

Garageband For iPad

GarageBand transforms the iPad into a new range of Touch Instruments as well as a full featured mini recording studio — so you can produce music wherever you go. Use Multi Touch gestures to play organs, pianos, guitars, drums, and bass on your iPad.

They will sound and play like their counterparts, however allow you to do things you might never do on a real instrument. I won't go on talking a lot regarding how good this is, I have got 2 truly amazing videos that will demonstrate what you can do using this ipad music production app.

If you are interested in getting yourself this garageband app for ipad. Both iPad 1 & 2.
Click Here to visit the iTunes App Store

Video 2

ReBirth for iPad

ReBirth is actually back again! Propellerhead Software's legendary Techno Micro Composer has been resurrected not to mention customized for your iPad. ReBirth consistently emulates dance music's three anchor devices: The Roland TB-303 Bass synth as well as the Roland TR-808 along with the 909 drum machines.

Combine these with FX units you get fully featured pattern sequencers plus a gorgeous looking interface and you are all set to make killer tracks with your iPad. Promote your music with buddies on Facebook, Twitter and more using the integrated sharing features.

Click here to get the Rebirth For iPad App


The iMS-20 is actually an analog synth studio; a complete recreation for the Korg MS 20 synth, an analog sequencer, a fabulous drum machine, as well as Korg's Kaoss Pad technological innovation. In addition, you are able to share your music online via SoundCloud!

Click Here to get the KORG iMS-20

FL Studio Mobile HD

FL Studio Mobile HD lets you create and save finish multi track music projects in your iPad. You can even load the FL Studio Mobile projects in the FL Studio Desktop for PC.

In case it's a beat in the step sequencer, any melody over the piano roll or perhaps a complete song on the playlist, FL Studio Mobile has you covered. By no means lose that great idea ever again. Get it down and happening wherever you are.

Click Here to get the FL Studio Mobile HD

There's a lot of these apps, some of them I can't review because it will make this page long and boring so if you are looking for a specific app that is not reviewed here use this iTunes App Search widget below:

iPad Music Production applications


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