Casio PX 130

This is a humble review for the Casio Px 130 Keyboard.

The Casio Privia PX-130 redefine the actual digital piano class with unprecedented high quality sound as well as performance in a modern package which is supremely portable. Offering brand new grand piano samples plus a new Tri-Sensor 88 note scaled hammer actions keyboard and weighs under 25 lbs. It's extremely versatile enough for church, home, school or even on stage.

Casio PX-130 88-Key Digital Stage PianoThe actual grand piano sounds offer a good unprecedented amount of realism as well as expression. 4 dynamic layers regarding stereo piano samples come integrated with Casio’s amazing Linear Morphing System, producing a grand piano sound having smooth transitions along with an outstanding dynamic range.

This Casio PX-130 also offers 128 note polyphony, plenty of horsepower for any hard musical passages plus the flexibility to layer sounds as well as make use of the damper pedal with no worry with dropped notes. The end result is really a great piano experience which cannot be matched at any price.

It includes a new Tri-Sensor 88 note scaled hammer action keyboard. Casio’s top-quality engineering triggered a realistic piano feel which captures each detail as well as nuance of one's performance. The scaled hammer action offers the feel, weight, plus resistance without compromising the portability.

Moreover into the remarkable keyboard action as well as piano sound, the PX 130 is a fantastic instrument with regard to music training. Having Casio’s Duet function, this keyboard may be divided into 2 identical ranges, making it possible for student plus teacher to play the keyboard at the same time.

Casio CS-67 Keyboard Stand for PX130 and PX330The integrated two track recorder along with the metronome helps you practice virtually any tempo and listen back to exactly what you played. Its recording features may also be utilized to record moments of creativity as well as remember song ideas.

The optionally available SP 32 pedal board simulates a great acoustic grand piano through all 3 pedals - sostenuto, soft as well as damper. It is not complicated to link in your computer using its integrated USB MIDI interface.

This PX-130’s 88 note scaled hammer action keyboard helps it be a perfect controller keyboard intended for using along with music software. The USB connection lets you transfer music from or to the computer straight into the flash ROM, making it possible for you to save sounds you’ve created.

Because of its light-weight, you'll be able to easily go from your home, into the classroom and even to an event and back again without any worries. Its technology helps you do it all.

Buy the Casio PX 130 online at Amazon and get a 38% discount. It normally costs $799.99 but You can get it for $434.48 and save $364.52. Now that's a bargain.


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