A New Music Production Blog

New Production Blog

I want to announce my new music production blog. Yes that means this one will no longer be updated so for the latest updates visit my new blog on the link below. It's time I switch to something I can now call my own instead of relying on a free blogger platform.

On the new blog you'll find a lot of great tools and career advise. The main goal is to help you get a professional sounding record even if you're on a tight budget but if you can afford to get some good gear then go for it. New gear, software or plugins can encourage you to produce more work and keep you inspired.

I also finished writing my new book titled Digital Mixing Ultimate Guide which you can check out on the new website. I'll make sure you guys get the best experience.

So wait no longer and join me on the new blog by clicking the link below:

I'm looking forward to see you on the other side and if you have any questions then leave a comment below or contact me on my new blog, as you know, I always respond.

Have a productive day.