Music Production Lessons - Reverb Tips

For this music production lesson I will be sharing with you a few reverb tips to help you add depth to your mix. In these reverb tips you will learn how to use this effect not to only create space but to create tonal color.

And always remember that when you are applying an effect to a track don’t solo it apply it while the whole song is playing.

OK let's get straight to it:

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Use one reverb for all your drums in a Fx channel, other music software may call this an send channel. Using send/fx channels for your drums will not only free up space in the CPU it will help make your drums sound as one tight drum kit.

You can even equalize your send/fx channel. Use a room reverb for all your drums as well as percussions in a send channel, with a low cut. Adding reverb to your low frequencies will make your mix muddy.

Adding a verb to your kick drum or bass can result in a loss of definition. An early reflection to your drums can also give more of a tail or decay.

Sound Advice on Equalizers, Reverbs & Delays (Instantpro Series)To add character to your mix you need to automate the verb effect in different sections of the song. Long reverbs work well with slow music. Use a plate or spring reverb for your vocals.

Vocals also work well with parallel processing (mixing a dry sound with a processed sound). Not everything in the mix needs to be in front, so use a short reverb to keep other instruments at the back of the mix.

I don’t use reverberation on Hi-Hats, and I’m not saying its wrong I just prefer using a delay effect on Hi-Hats.

If  ever your mixdown sounds dry, adding a subtle amount of ambient reverb can give it more tonal color.

Remember there is no right or wrong, you need to experiment and find what will best work for you and your music. And don’t forget to check out the related posts below.

Reverb Tips!!!

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