Audio Production Plug Ins – Waves Bundle VST Plug Ins Review

Welcome to another music production lesson and this time I’m going to review Waves Bundle VST audio plug ins. These are professional tools for production, mastering, tracking and multimedia audio with no DSP hardware required. Waves Mercury Native is the ultimate package, simply everything you need. Waves make the tools preferred by professionals more than all others combined. I use the diamond native bundle; I’m more comfortable with Waves VST plugins and I’ve never seen such a comprehensive collection as this. It has got a total of 35 processors forming your studio's processing core.
What more can you ask for???                     Waves Diamond TDM Bundle with IR-L Convolution Reverb, L3, Tune LT & Q Clone - Software

Watch the video below showcasing the Waves Mercury Native Bundle, this is what I would recommend everyone who is looking for a professional sound to grab the Waves Mercury Native Bundle ,
and I also added a video that will show you how
to Mix Vocals using Waves Plug-Ins. Enjoy!!!
Waves Mercury Native

Waves Gold Native Bundle, Hybrid CD Win/Mac

Waves Renaissance Maxx Native Bundle Waves Renaissance Maxx Native Bundle

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  1. Music Production state of the art effects. From time-domain effects to equalizers, from dynamics control to noise reduction, from guitar sound modeling to the sound of classic analog components, there has never been such a comprehensive collection as this. The Mercury Collection offers more effects, more channel components, more mixdown tools, more processors than ever before in one place.