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M-Audio Pro Tools M-Powered 8Now because of the number of tracks I receive here on my music production blog, I have decided to upload another song for constructive criticism. For those of you who would also like their tracks to be featured on my music production blog please send them here and please write a short description for your track and you must enable the share feature.

Today I have a remix made by abeZilla from Hull, Britain (UK).

Post-rock electronica guitars drum-machines.
A remix I did of a local post-rock band, just for something different.

So please listen to his track and leave your comment below. And remember it's all about constructive criticism.

The Romantic Cats - "We Called It The Sun" (abeZilla Remix) by abeZilla

Tell us what do you think about the track. Did you enjoy it, does it have potential, what about the arrangement, the mix and what would you change to make it sound better.

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  1. hi there i really like what ya trying to do
    but a lot of thing's are just a bit to loud bit to much distortion on the guitar it seem a lot of thing's are loud then soft maybe you just need to try and level thing's out so the not red lining but a cool sound i like

  2. Heather07:10

    I have to agree with what Daniel said about the noise level. I like the background, but I can't hear it very well. It just sounds like there is a little too much going on throughout the track; especially just past the 2min mark up through 3.5min mark.
    But it does have potential :)

  3. I totally agree with the above there's too much distortion. You don't need to make it obvious. The track does not sound natural, it is squashed. You might also wanna bring the snare in the center, because I don't see any necessity to pan it and you track sounds dead when played in mono. To avoid that use subtle amount of panning. I like the arrangement, I also wouldn't mind playing the track. You need to work on your mixing skills my friend.

    Just like Heather said it does have potential :)

  4. Anonymous03:37

    it does have a potential definitively! I like the content of distortions and harmonics! to me the main problem would be drums! I would bring it up a bit, make the kick drum bigger with maybe some nice reverb on it. I love the bass line and how does it sound just maybe you have to reserve more room for it. EQ your guitars maybe to live more space for bass which is very nice just too thin to me, and one more very important thing - it is too long! don't let your listener get bored! if you make it around 3min long it will be much more attractive!:) it is good but surely may be better! good luck!
    regards Jesion

  5. Yea so its sunday afternoon after a real nice weekend an i decide to hit this link. right up my street lak. *I LOVE THIS* yea its overdriven to much, (whos tryed with ther ipod headphones? most foulk have them so its usefull conparison) the headphones dont like this song lol. the rattle sonys up to loud sound luverly though. think plain rethink of vols before eq comp limt etc. might be in order? do you hate your drummer lol? that lil harmonic flick 5.02... be cairful usein them, you make an album an use that in a few of the songs, you risk sounding very fatiguing. but yea mucho digo!! chears ta for the listen. :)