The Mastering Engineer's Handbook, Second Edition: The Audio Mastering Handbook Review

The Mastering Engineer's Handbook: The Audio Mastering HandbookYesterday I bought this really really great book. The book is called The Audio Mastering Handbook, I bought the second edition. It is written by Bobby Owsinski. A longtime veteran of the music industry, Bobby Owsinski has produced and composed for records, DVDs, motion pictures, and television shows. One of the first to delve into surround-sound music mixing, Bobby has worked on more than 200 surround projects and DVD productions for such diverse acts as Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, The Ramones, and Chicago, among many, many others.

I have only read the first 35 pages (by the way the book has got 289 pages) of the book and already I am happy that I invested my money on this book. Trust me there is no fluff in this book, and there is a lot to learn about mastering.

This is also great if you want to do your own mastering or become a mastering engineer. This is not just a book, this is an audio mastering course. There's a lot to learn in the audio mastering hanbook, second edition. You are going to learn why it sounds good when the pros do it, how they operate and why they are succesful.

How to use audio mastering tools, The mechanics of mastering, an interview with Gannon Kashiwa about preparation for mastering, Mastering for CD, Vinyl, Internet Distribution, Film and Television, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-ray, Mastering in Surround and many more. There's a whole lot to learn inside The Mastering Engineer's Handbook, Second Edition: The Audio Mastering Handbook.

Here is a short description from Bobby Owsinski about the book:

This completely updated edition of the bestselling Mastering Engineer's Handbook provides a thorough exploration of the mastering process for virtually any kind of audio program, utilizing insights from the world's top mastering engineers. The book is a treasure-trove of knowledge, with an overview of the history, tools, and philosophy behind mastering as well as complete reference information for all audio delivery formats in use today.

Peek inside a top-flight mastering house and see how their methods can now be yours. Explore the secrets of making hot masters, the rules of compression and frequency balancing, and how to mix with mastering in mind. Investigate how optical discs, such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, HD-DVD, and beyond, work and how they're made. Discover the trick to making great-sounding MP3s and streaming audio.

Examine multichannel surround mastering for film and television. You'll even relive mastering history with a separate chapter about mastering for vinyl and how records are pressed. Throughout the book, legendary mastering engineers share experiences, tips, and tricks with you through every step of the process. The final section of the book features interviews with mastering giants such as Bernie Grundman, Bob Ludwig, Glenn Meadows, Doug Sax, and more.

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  1. A very detailed and in-depth explanation has been given in this book, definitely worth buying it.