Reason 4 - Regroove Mixer

Reason 4 Power! (Book)In the past few days I posted a tutorial about how to use the Ableton Live 8 Groove Pool to give your music some human feel. Today I'm going to show you how to use Reason 4 Regroove mixer to achieve the same results. You may be wondering why you need this, and the answer is simple, it helps you make your music not to sound robotic. It's a great way for just getting your instruments to sound more realistic, and get some real groove into them. For an example, you might want to make your drums sound like you had a real live drummer in the studio.

Since you can't record audio in reason or maybe you don't have a MIDI controller you might want to use the regroove to avoid your music sounding robotic. Just like I explained before it's hard to listen to a perfectly (100%) quantized song for more than 3 minutes. So watch the video below to learn how you can give your music a human feel.

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