How To Use Waves Tune

Today we are going to talk about Waves Tune. It is a pitch correction plugin from Waves. I have uploaded a video to show you how to get great vocal performances without using the Auto-Tune plug in, waves tune is also a comping plug in.

I like this plugin because it works like Melodyne and Cubase 5 VariAudio. For those of you who did not see the videos about Melodyne and VariAudio click the links below the video to check them out, VariAudio is a built in plug in that comes with Cubase 5 and Melodyne, you have to buy it as an extended/external plug in.

These plug ins will help you turn a poor vocal performance into a professional one, so watch the video and learn How To Use Waves Tune to start achieving the most transparent results.

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D. Intro to Waves Vocal Rider

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