Using The Ableton Live 8 Groove Pool

Ableton Live 8 Course Clips Master (Artistpro)Watch the video below to learn how the Frequency Shifter works and using the Ableton Live 8 Groove Pool. The Groove Pool helps to give your music a human feel instead of it playing robotic. This is the problem with digital music, it is so robotic, and this may be the main reason your music's not standing out from the rest. It's really hard to listen to a whole song if everything is quantized to 100%, this is why we use the Auto-Filter in House Music.

If you are using Propellerhead Reason 4, not the previous versions, you can use the Re-Groove it also does the same thing. Ableton Live has also introduced the Groove Pool which is a really great tool to help you make your music sound as if you had a real live drummer or a guitarist in the studio. But over using it may result into a mess, so you need to be careful not to make it obvious.

So watch the video and start using the Ableton Live 8 groove pool, so that your music does not sound robotic.

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