Audio Mastering

What I have seen this week is that a lot of my blog readers or should I say music producers, are really interested about mastering, but specifically about how to do their own audio mastering. I have been getting a lot of question about the topic, some of you even shared your tips and tricks with me, thank you for flooding my Email and Facebook inbox with great response.

But what I realized is that there is a lot of information out there, and that is why a lot of people are getting confused about mastering. So as I was browsing the net I came across a really great video by Bobby Owsinski. But I only found part 1 I couldn’t find part 2, but as soon as I find it I will post it.

For now please watch this one, trust me you will love it, and I also added some of his books below the video for those of you who are interested in taking your mastering skills to another level. As I’m writing this blog post I’m downloading the T-Racks software and I’m also going to invest on The Mastering Engineer Handbook by the man himself Bobby Owsinski.

Enjoy the video and remember to always stay HUMBLE!

The bestselling Mastering Engineer's Handbook provides a thorough exploration of the mastering process for virtually any kind of audio program, utilizing insights from the world's top mastering engineers.

The book is a treasure-trove of knowledge, with an overview of the history, tools, and philosophy behind mastering as well as complete reference information for all audio delivery formats in use today.

Peek inside a top-flight mastering house and see how their methods can now be yours. Explore the secrets of making hot masters, the rules of compression and frequency balancing, and how to mix with mastering in mind.

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