Mackie ProFX12

This Mackie ProFX12 is an excellent choice for small performing functions, solo performing artists or even for smaller venues which do not have the finances as well as space for a lot of outboard equipment. The actual ProFX12 offers all things necessary to make your event sound superb and it is quite simple to use. Additionally, USB I/O enables you to record a show or even stream music instantly from your laptop.

The actual “Pro” within ProFX represents Professional. Expert gear, solid quality, tiny footprint… all you need.

ProFX12 comes packed with 6 Mackie high headroom, low noise mic preamps, THREE band EQ, an integrated DI intended for direct link of your guitar or perhaps bass, built-in “Event-Ready” effects, finely-detailed 7 band GEQ plus much more.

It features all of the proper tools, every single one built to sound fantastic. And also, every thing is actually housed inside a mega tough housing along with added impact resistant sidecheeks, shielding your investment through the rigors of the road.

Live Sound Toolbox

Small performing functions normally participate around areas which could not have access to a good engineer available. Actually, an individual on the band may have double responsibility as “The Sound Guy” for that group. If you're reading through this, chances are that’s you.

I want to pander towards your certainly greater intellect… you might be an expert so you require the actual resources to complete the job flawlessly every show. High headroom microphone preamps having superb sound effects, channel EQ, an integrated DI, as well as accurate GEQ to be able to tune up the room or perhaps the monitor mix.

Sounds great, right? This ProFX12 is included with each one of these functions — it's genuinely the ideal live sound toolbox.

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“Event-Ready” RMFX™ Effects

The brand new RMFX™ (Running Man FX) 32bit effects model provides “Event Ready,” useable effects for a mix. Why do you need to scroll over tons of strange effects, such as “ghost ambience?” Yep, as if anybody actually understands what that means. And also what about winners such as “delay + phaser 2”, which you will certainly not be used in a trillion years. 

All those different mixers will certainly leave the hands raw by all of the scrolling you need to do. This RMFX™ processor includes SIXTEEN reliable FX which are acknowledged for their power as well as usability. Smaller, medium plus large room reverbs which includes a blend of warm as well as bright qualities sets the mix in the proper space. 

Uncomplicated, rich choruses plus a range of useful delays let you make expert mixes with no need for a 2-hour sound check. Fundamentally, they've provided the premium elements of a complete rack of equipment, right at your fingertips, which is quick to understand, helping you to appear as well as sound brilliant on your upcoming event. Truly fantastic.

Record as well as Stream by using USB

With the appropriate applications for the job, this Mackie ProFX12 lets you make unique mixes, however despite having all those functions, portability is actually important so you cannot end up being burdened with packing extra tools.

Zero headaches, built-in USB I/O will take the pain away from recording. Just simply hook up the ProFX12 into a laptop, launch your bundled replicate of Tracktion 3, Music Production Software (or any kind of DAW out there) therefore you can easily record an entire mix. You may also stream music from a computer throughout breaks. 

Renowned Mackie Longevity

Mackie is well known for making mixers which are “Built Like A Tank”, also the ProFX12 will be no exception. Each one of its small chuncks are firmly encased inside a strong steel framework. Not just that, the impact proof sidecheeks are constructed with super tough ABS, contributing more safety when its likely to fall… not necessarily that you just drop things. 

PA Made Uncomplicated

Straightforward is best. A power mixer such as the ProFX12 is an inclusive piece of a ludicrously straightforward Mackie PA system which sounds fantastic. The only options are to go for “active” or perhaps “passive” regarding loudspeaker setup.

Active — Simply put Mackie SR, SA, SRMv2 Series Active Loudspeakers or maybe SWA Series Active Subwoofers 

Passive — Put the Mackie FR or maybe FRS Series Stereo Power Amp as well as S200 or perhaps C Series Accurate Passive Loudspeakers

The renowned high quality of Mackie loudspeakers along with the power of the ProFX12 is really a deadly blend which will go well with virtually any size venue. Simply include sufficient speakers, and you will be good to go.

Budget Pleasant 

The particular ProFX Series Tight Effects Mixers hit an ideal balance. They provide all of the appropriate tools for you to complete the job properly, sport standard small footprint which Mackie is famous for, and are also essentially, the most budget friendly with all the different Mackie sound reinforcement mixers. 

Its competitors often don’t contain the expansive function paired with the ProFX Series, or perhaps they just won't live through the test of time. You will be investing in a mixer, that will always be there, available for you during every single event, prepared to roll.

Usually the Mackie Profx12 costs $399 but you can get 22% off at amazon and save $80.

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