Remix Competition


Congratulations to Rodrigo Kadosch, he is the winner of this competition and here is his remix:

Rodrigo Kadosch - Points N Dots (Original Voice Mix) by RodrigoKadosch

School Background

Point Blank is the UK's premier Music Production School specialising in music production, sound engineering and DJing. Voted 'Best Music Production and DJ College' six years running - T-Scan Awards.

The award-winning college offers bespoke tuition from its London based HQ, with personalised teaching to intimate classes, as well as ground-breaking virtual learning and 1-2-1 DVR™ (Direct Video Response) coaching via their international online courses.

Reaching out to avid producers around the globe, Point Blank’s tutors include multi million selling Grammy award winners, as well as songwriters, producers and remixers who've worked alongside top artists such as Massive Attack, Beyonce, De La Soul, Alicia Keys, Bjork, La Roux Florence & The Machine and a whole host of artists on the underground scene.

Limited places are still available - to book telephone David on +44 207 729 4884 OR email 

OR book online at

I have uploaded some videos to give you a sneak peak of the things you are going to learn. But before watching the videos here is a little info about the course Tutor:

Course Tutor - Simon Langford

Remix course tutor Simon has completed over 250 remixes in a number of different styles in his career over the last 10 years. Best known for his work as "Soul Seekerz", Simon has remixed some of the biggest names in pop music today including Rihanna, Britney Spears, Robbie Williams and many more.

Point Blank, London, the UK’s premier Music Production college are currently celebrating the global successes of three past students in the Remix arena. Namely: Detboi, Gareth Wyn and Jahawi. FROM BEDROOM TO BEYONCE!

1. Detboi (Producer / Remixer & DJ)

After taking the Minimal Techno, Mixing Dance Music and Deep & Soulful House courses at Point Blank Online Music Production School, Detboi saw his crazy brand of tropical flavoured, bass-heavy rave skyrocket to releases on massive labels including Skint, Surface Noise and Herve's Cheap Thrills. Despite his success, Detboi continues to enrol on Point Blank's courses and expand his diverse knowledge of dance music production.

2. Gareth Wyn (Beyonce & Leona Remixes Released by Sony)

Gareth has remixed Beyonce's last two singles and Leona Lewis' recent comeback single 'Happy' for Sony and his own tracks have been released on Maelstrom, CR2 and Ministry of Sound, winning acclaim from the likes of Paul van Dyk, Pete Tong and BT.
And he's continued his highly successful association with Liverpool superclub Cream, with a main room residency in Ibiza and a slamming set at this years Creamfields. The turning point says Gareth was learning with Point Blank’s Danny J Lewis - "That was the course that brought everything together for me and gave me the kick start I needed". Keep your eyes on the booth and ears to the speaker - Gareth Wyn is on fire!

3. Jahawi six months of enrolling at Point Blank, former student Jahawi had two remixes released – for none other than Armand Van Helden!!

"I'd been dabbling in production for a few months before I went to Point Blank. I found that I could get to a certain point, but I couldn’t use the equipment to its full potential. I was getting frustrated. I had all these ideas but I didn't have the skills to translate what was in my head into music."

Jahawi didn’t waste any time in putting his new-found skills into practice. His remixes of Armand Van Helden's "A Track Called Jack" and "I Want Your Soul." have been released in the UK by Southern Fried Records and in the US by Ultra Records.

Here are the videos I promised you.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Video #5

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