How To Sample Using Native Instruments Maschine


Maschine brings together the flexibility of laptop or computer based music production using a simple groove box in just one powerful innovative device. Working with onboard samples or your personal audio data, Machine's exclusive combination of hardware as well as software not just assures a rapid and also fun workflow, yet enables you to effortlessly flip your ideas straight into professional productions.


When using the Maschine package you will get: - user-friendly hardware/MIDI controller - built-in effects - browser, sequence, plus sampler. The hardware device can be both instrument as well as MIDI controller in one. 16 illuminated, velocity-sensitive pads form an interface to intuitively create beats, tweak sounds, create patterns and sequence entire tracks using the powerful Maschine software.

2 large, high-resolution displays along with 8 corresponding rotary encoders, buttons, plus transport controls also integrate perfectly. Maschine connects in your Macintosh or even PC through USB 2.0 and will come packed with more than 5GB of production-ready sounds along with patterns.

From Phat drum kits to state-of-the-art synthesizer sounds as well as pristine acoustic instruments have been sampled, sliced and labeled in your advantage. The system furthermore includes studio high quality effects varying from dynamics processors to beat-mashers as well as mastering tools, all tweakable in real time by using the actual hardware controller.

Native Instruments: Maschine Groove Production StudioYou will get THREE HUNDRED drum kits, 280 multi-sampled instruments, FOUR HUNDRED sliced loops, 6,500 one shots, FIFTY complete projects, plus HUNDRED effects. Maschine's pattern-oriented idea frees anyone from the limitations of linear arrangement. Create song "scenes" simply by layering patterns, and also re-arrange the scenes on the fly.

In addition , it offers external sampling via your computer's audio interface and internal re-sampling, accurate editing and slicing, auto-mapping, effects plus an ultra-convenient browser all perfectly attuned to the hardware controller.You can purchase the Maschine at Amazon.

Here is a great video by Chris Cartledge where he offers an easy breakdown of sampling and editing with Native Instruments Maschine.

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