Understanding Reverb And Delay Effects

Waves Mercury NativeI received an email from Robert, he has been producing music for 8 months, and he wants to understand how and when to use reverb and delay effects. I have uploaded two videos to you understand the two effects, I hope it won't be too much information for you to swallow. And if you also sent me an email and I haven't responded to you, don't even stress about it, I'll get at you soon rather than later. But for now watch the two videos and I hope they will help you understand how to use reverb and delay effects. The plug-ins used in this video are Waves R-Verb, SuperTap Delay, and H-Delay.Personally, I use the SuperTap Delay and the True-Verb a lot, but in some projects I do use the R-Verb. I would advise you to use what you are most comfortable with, I just love the Waves Plug Ins, simply because you get a variety of plug ins in one package.

Part One

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Part Two


  1. Anonymous11:30

    The videos does help gives insight even if you know abit about it know more is always better .....Big up musik

  2. Robert15:00

    Thank you very much this has really helped me understand reverb and delay effects and i also like the recommended posts you included those are really professional tips i think i'm going to send you more emails ;)