Reason Micro Tutorial - Dr. Octo Rex

Today is really a special day and I have a special video from Reason Micro Tutorial showcasing the Dr. Octo Rex. Do you still remember the video I posted a few weeks ago about the Kong Drum Designer (also Reason 5 new feature) and I asked you guys if Propellerhead Reason 5 is the future of music production.

Propellerhead Record Reason DuoAlthough only a few of you thought it is the future of music production, most thought it is not, simply because it only uses internal VST instruments and plug ins. OK soldiers let the war begin, I uploaded another video about a new feature called the Dr. Octo Rex to try and convince those who think Reason 5 is not the future of music production. So watch the video below and leave your comments below and share with us what you think about the Dr. Octo Rex and Propellerhead Reason 5 as a whole.


"The new Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player lets you load up to 8 REX loops into a single player but it's so much more than that. This tutorial gets you up close and personal with the machine that will redefine how you use REX loops in your production".

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  1. Paul13:11

    After watching the video it makes me feel like it is the future of music production. But i'm not sure :)

  2. Anonymous13:16

    Just as long as it doesn't support external vst instruments and plug ins it should just forget about being the future of music production.Period!