Program For Making Beats

This online music production lesson is made for those who are wondering which is the best program for making beats. You really need to be skeptic when choosing music software. Here are a few key features you should look out for when choosing a program for making beats:

  • Steinberg Cubase 5 DAW SoftwareRecording
  • Editing
  • Effects
  • Automation
You need music production software that is capable of recording both audio and midi. You must be able to record a live band with ease. This also means recording multiple microphones should never be a problem. You will need editing tools such as an eraser, glue, pencil, cutting, zoom etc. Your beat making program must also have a reverse feature.

Effects are what makes your recordings stand out from the rest. I once saw a video on Youtube where they were comparing waves plugins with hardware effects and they said there is a slight difference, but I couldn’t hear the difference. Here are the major eight plug ins you will need in your program for making beats.

  • Compressor
  • Equalizer
  • Reverb
  • Delay
  • Distortion
  • Chorus
  • Flanger and Phaser

When it comes to automation your music production software should allow you to automate almost everything, from the level of a track to a knob on a plugin.

Here are the 4 major program for making beats and if you use one of these 4 tell us why and if your favorite software is not listed tell us why it deserves to be in the top four.



  1. Anonymous04:08

    reason and rekord are some powerfull tools also!

  2. Anonymous04:47

    welll...i use cubase.i can use any vst i want to-but that goes for every program out there-i can mix easily....cubase is what suits sound engine!

  3. Anonymous05:27

    Reason is my first choice by far. The Redrum is brilliant for creating your own beats, and adding effects to this as well takes the sounds to another dimension.

  4. I'm using ableton for all my music work these days, it just does everything you need and is very easy to navigate. The warping engine is amazing, you can do some really cool stuff with it and all the bundled plugins that come with it are good too.

  5. I use ableton for immediacy that realivvare in the groove and use cubase for recording and mixing software because it is exaggerated! maybe they use rewire.

  6. im a FL Studio user. it works well for me :)

  7. matteo Caldironi06:55

    logic pro & ableton

  8. FL Studio - Started with it and still on it - works just fine

  9. Well, I build most of my own synthesizers from vacuum tube oscillators, function generators, sweep generators, building various types of modulators (which by the way i'm looking into making a computer version of my analog synthesizer stockhausen One) I have tinkered around with reason and ableton but i rarely make beats with computers. I primarially use software for editing and find ableton to be the quickest and most versitille out of the few programs I have used or seen. Most of my preamps and equipment are made from vacuum tubes and like the idea that most people are digital these days, quicker editing and no degregation in audio, I like the idea that people can have the master recording and can listen to in there home or club or whatever.

  10. I mouse-click the instrument lines in Finale (classically trained, so I'm used to notating my musical thoughts) and then export the MIDI to Reason, then export each line to audio, then import that into whichever DAW I am using (Reaper, Cubase, Audition).

  11. Ziga08:10

    Im using Cubase 5`s Groove agent one for pretty much building all that has to do with the beats, percusions... its just awesome, how u got endless possibilities, fast learning/work flow, inport/export audio samples,midi, or wire vsts to just blown away by this peace of software:)i really dont need anything else at this point:)
    greets from slovenia:)

  12. Dottie-Duke13:19

    For beginners I recommend Samplitude , or for a low-budget Homerecording Samplitude Music Studio.
    It's a nice DAW with some Synths and effects and a nice Mastering-Suite for people who never worked with a daw before. There's a community,too which you can take part in . It's easy to understand , the onboard-synths are a good help for the start and .. yeah , the rest you have to explore.

  13. I use Propellerheads Reason & Record, Ableton Live, and Native Instruments Reaktor. For me Propellerheads products are great sketch pads for getting ideas down, while Reaktor and Live I use for more experimental sound production. I do have a few other softsynths and plug-ins as well that I dig - like Camel Audio's Alchemy, Audio Damage (Tattoo, Replicant, Automaton), Sonic Charge's MicroTonic, and U-He's ACE.

  14. Ableton live 8 with reason rewired to it is all you'll ever need. all the other DAW's just over complicate things.
    doing it this way allows you to use both audio files quick and easy and vst's

  15. Hooked on Ableton. I've tried SEVERAL other programs. I think what works for one person may not be adequate for the next. Your production software is like a relationship... you know when its right.

  16. Giusmex08:57

    Cubase is the best according to me

    but it sometimes is tricky