Making Your Own Beats

Recently I have been reading a lot of music production blogs, there is a lot of great free tutorials online, but most of them are not updated frequently, so I commited myself to update this music production blog frequently with the best beat making tips and tricks. And for our new lesson we are going to be looking at how to make your own beats.
The first thing you need is to find the tempo of your track. A tempo is the speed of your song, and it is measured in BPMs (Beats Per Minute). Computer music software comes with a built-in metronome, so you can use that to get the correct tempo especially if you have a live drummer.
Next you will need to find a good rhythm that will work best for the song. You can choose to program the beat yourself or use a drum loop. When choosing loops don’t go for a cluttered and busy drum loop, you have to leave space for the vocals and other instruments. Use drum fills sparingly, use them to introduce a new section of the song such as the chorus.
To drive the groove you can add a few percussions. Make sure that the percussion does not clash with the drum beat; they need to blend seamlessly as one tight rhythmical unit. And now you would want to get the baselines. This has to work well with the drum part especially with the kick. The bass is the soul of your track, so without a good bass line the song will be dead.
After you’ve got a groove or rhythmic section that compliments the bass you can move to the melody. The melody is what influences the likes and dislikes of particular songs. Always keep it simple but effective and memorable. As a music producer it’s very critical that you get your drums, percussion and bass line working well with the melody. A simple drum groove can pretty work well with a busy melody.
Next you will need to get the hook of the track. This sound will only play in your chorus part, this is what we find ourselves singing along with or whistling to. Strive to get the correct key, spend time trying different keys.

And now you need a good arrangement, on this online music production lesson I won’t go into detail on how to arrange a song because I have done an article on Ezine articles about song arrangement, and you can check it out at .

Happy Beat Making!

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