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The digital music production era has helped a lot of us as audio producers, by inventing music software. I wouldn’t dream of going back to the time of Tape and Analog Gear, as a producer, work-flow has been made very easy. There is a wide range of plug-ins that can make your computer music sound as big as the production you here on Radio, TV or at a party. You can still get great results with internal software plug-ins. Music mixing and audio mastering has been made much easier with audio programs.
 You can even build a studio with inexpensive equipment, thanks to the digital era, and with a lot of online music production lessons, distant learning has been made very easy with online courses such as the Mx Method . And it’s easy to download software, it’s either you buy it; get freeware or a shareware application. But I encourage you to buy it because demos, free download and hacks will limit you in some-way.
 I tend to get very disappointed when I see someone using a demo version, especially FL Studio; how bad do you want this music production career? You got to learn to give before you receive. Buying software like sonic producer inspires you as a musician. It is a great program for musicians because you will learn how to use instruments to produce music.

You get free tutorials and beat making tips including video tutorials. It comes with a huge library of pre built sounds and beats. And Sonic Producer runs a contest where software owners submit their beats and stand a chance to win $500. But if you are on a shoe-string budget, download free software for windows and start making your own beats


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