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Downloading Free Sound Effects to Use in Your Music Production
by Ty Cohen
If you are entering the field of music production, it is very likely that you might want to add sound effects to your recordings to enhance the sound or as segways to the next track. Finding the perfect sound effects is as easy as opening your web browser.
A simple Google search for keywords like, "royalty free sound effects music production" will yield rich results. One of the top listings in the Google search results for this string is, an awesome royalty free sound effect site. Their huge library of sound effects includes everything from explosions to drum loops. As an aspiring music producer, you will want to set up an account with at least one of these sound effect repositories so the audio enhancements you need are always close at hand.
Now for the word of caution, in searching for sound effects to add to your music, there are some caveats to remember:
Royalty Free - This means that the particular sound effect can be reused without paying royalty fees to the sound effects creator. It doesn't mean the sound effects is free. Many sites, including offer royalty free sound clips and effects but you must maintain a subscription or purchase a sound effect package that includes the sound effects you wish to use. Once purchased, you are free to use the sound effects in your own productions unless there were other retained rights.
Attribution - Some sound effect authors will let you use their sound effects at no cost... with a catch. A Creative Commons license that is tagged Attribution means you must acknowledge the original creator of the sound effect when it is redistributed.
Non Commercial - When you purchase sound effect packs to use in your music production, this tag is very important. Why? If you use a non commercial sound effect or loop in a product you intend to sell, including your CD, then you are breaking copyright laws and exposing yourself to legal action. To be safe, avoid adding non commercial sound effects to your library or make sure they are clearly marked to avoid misusing them.
Single Use License - If you purchase a sound effect with a single use license, you are limited to using the sound effect on one track. Slightly changing the sound effect doesn't let you bend the rules. This is another license that should be avoided or clearly marked.
Free to use - If the sound effect you like is marked free to use and it doesn't have limitations like non commercial or attribution attached to it, then you are indeed free to use the sound effect however you see fit unless it is tagged no derivatives. If it is free to use with no derivatives, you may use the sound effect as long as you do not change it in any way.
Sound effects can be an awesome addition to your music production tool kit. Knowing the legal usage rights attached to them is important in keeping control of your music and avoiding legal problems.
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