How To Set Up a Home Recording Studio in 7 Days Flat - Day 7

by Ty Cohen
Having your own home recording studio is one of the biggest advantages you can provide for yourself as a musician. In this 7 part report on setting up your own home recording studio, we are discussing the necessary recording equipment and software that your home recording studio will need. As we arrive at the last section of this series, it is time to discuss the options for putting your music into the hands of the public.

Years ago, music was recorded on cassette tape, 8-track tape and vinyl records. The most popular choice for many beginning bands was the cassette tape and so we have the term "mix tape" as part of our vernacular today. Modern music produced in home recording studios has been made possible by our advances in technology that have brought us the CD burner and the ability to store music in mp3 files.

Since most of us who are recording music in a home recording studio intend to use it for CD production, we will primarily be focusing on CD burners. The new home recording studio can use:

the CD burner that is built into your computer. The upside: It is equipment you already own so it isn't going to cost you extra.The downside: You can only burn one CD at a time. This option will work for a new start up but when you start to get orders for hundreds of CD's, you won't have time to burn them all one at a time.

a professional CD burning tower. Like a computer tower with two or more CD burning drives, the CD burning tower gives you the ability to burn more than one CD at a time. In some cases, the professional CD burner is also capable of duplicating CD's by loading the individual slave drives with blank CD's and putting the Master copy in the primary drive. When the drive is closed, it automatically begins the process of copying the Master copy CD's contents to all of the other CD's.

Features you need to look for in professional CD burning tower:

Drive Speed - Get the fastest recording speeds possible to make recording multiple CD recording faster.

Number of CD Drives - More is better. If you can afford an 8 bay CD burner, go for it. When the orders start rolling in, you can focus on your band and not constantly reloading your CD burner.

Duplication Function - Does the CD burner you are looking at have the auto duplication function we discussed earlier? This function can be a wonderful thing because it frees up your computer to do other tasks, like recording new music.

We have now reached the end of our discussion on setting up your own home recording studios. Hopefully, you have learned some useful information that will enable you to begin the process of recording, editing and producing your own music, bypassing the greedy corporate recording companies and keeping the profits in your own pocket.

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