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Lessons Are Beneficial For The Beginning DJ
by Joseph Graham
Learning to DJ can be a challenge and obviously takes a good amount of time. One way you can cut down the learning curve is by getting DJ lessons.
There are two schools of thought when it comes to learning how to dj. The first will tell you that you have to learn from experience and that any type of lessons or schooling is a waste of time. The second believes that you can never learn properly without some instruction from a pro.
I am somewhere in the middle on this and believe that finding a balance is key. I think that you need both to have the most chance for success as a DJ. You need some type of training to learn the proper fundamentals of being a DJ so you can begin with a good fundamental understanding of the various techniques. But this will only take you so far as you will also need some hands on experience in a actual club environment before you can find your own unique style.
There are many different type of lessons that you can take. There are various courses that are on DVD that will teach you interactively. You can also opt to enroll in a DJ school and get some one on one training from a experienced DJ. Obviously, cost will vary depending on what you choose to do. A good DJ school can be fairly costly and you can also get a DVD course for $50. It all depends on what your goals are and what your budget is.
If you do enroll at a school, make sure that they also will attempt to get you out in the field after you complete the course. A good school will have connections in the industry and will be able to help you launch your career. There are many talented DJ's in the world who never get a chance because they do not have the proper connections or do not know how to market themselves properly. A good school will not only teach you how to be a DJ, but they will also help you market your skills and give you the best chance to find some solid gigs.
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