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DJ Equipment Reviewed
by Catherine Parker
Entertainment is big business these days and the DJ is king! It's no longer a case of playing the top ten tunes over and over again but there is a whole new art to it. Favourite chart tunes are just the beginning and mixing these tunes as well as coming up with new sounds and sound effects make the DJ an essential part of any evening.

To accomplish this, the DJ needs more equipment than your standard turntable. Now, look back ten years or so and DJ equipment was huge! Large turntables with buttons and gizmos as well as a van load of speakers and paraphernalia were the usual stuff but today, digital technology has created a reduction in what's needed. DJ's travel light these days but some things are vital.

First up, we have the Pioneer CDJ 2000 CD turntable - the new gadget comes with a large 6.1 inch screen. The 'needle pad' is a touch sensitive area that means you can jump to specific parts of a song easily and smoothly. Music can be manipulated with 35 buttons for various effects and other devices will also interact with the Pioneer CDJ 2000. The system can be linked with other compatible devices for full on mixing.

When collecting together your DJ equipment, it doesn't really matter how good a system is unless you have good quality speakers of the right size to handle your music in any given surroundings. Consider the watts, the magnet size and the quality. Look for reviews and recommendations and consider what type of surroundings you normally play in.

If your speakers are to be moved about frequently from venue to venue you would do well to consider the JBL JRX125 Dual 15" 2-way speakers. Built to withstand the rigours of touring, these speakers will produce high quality sound night after night.

A good amp is also essential DJ gear and you could do worse than look at the Yamaha P2500S Dual Channel Power Amp. This is a professional quality amp with XLR and ¼" TRS inputs, phone plug, Neutrik Speakon and 5 way binding post outputs. It also features high and low pass filters, a variable speed fan and EEEngine technology.

No DJ is complete without his headphones. These must be a good fit so look for ones that fit your head perfectly, have a closed ear design to block out noise interference and a coil lead for easy use. For the best performance and value for money choose either the Pioneer HDJ-1000 Pro DJ Headphones, the Technics RP-DJ1200 and the Sony MDR-V700. All will serve you well.

Of course, it's not just about the music these days. DJ's have large followings of their own and some become just as famed as the music they play so looking the part is fun and part of the job. Popular brands for DJ's to wear are Baby Phat, Ecko, Hiphop Game, HotDJGear, and Phat Farm.

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