Don't Buy FL Studio Mobile HD App For Android Before Reading This Honest Review

This is an honest review of the new FL Studio Mobile HD App for Android brought to you by By Image Line Software. This is the new version 2.1 released 30th March 2013 which is optimized for iPhone 5 and also compatible with iPad and iPod touch. It Requires iOS 5.1 or later. 

With a price tag of... $20.99 So, is it worth it? This app has got all the tools you need to get a track done. 

- You get a 99 track sequencer with user-friendly editing options 
- It comes with 133 samples including sliced beats 
- You can easily load your project to the Desktop Version, and can export midi data as well 
- Also comes with effects such as Reverb, Delay, Filter, Eq, Limiter & Amp Simulator to enhance your mixes 
- Included Screen Drum Pads & Keyboards 
- They made it easy to share your music via Email or Dropbox - And MUCH, much more...


With the new Audiobus you're able to use all your other apps together and you can even do multitrack recording. You can even use your mobile devise while the app is playing in the background. Automation features are also available on this but for effects you can only automate the Filter.

The FL Studio Mobile HD application requires Android 2.3.3 OS or higher and works with all screen resolutions. The latency issue will depend on your device and I don't believe they have found a solution for this and it can really be annoying. Live performance with this is not really good as well.

You cannot import your own audio samples, you can only use what they give you and synthesizers are not tweakable which is an issue for sound design. This can work well for people who use FL Studio to sketch out ideas while on the road and bring them to life by loading it in the desktop version.

You cannot even record audio with this. So I give this 3 stars out of 5. At the moment I don't know any app that can remotely come close to this for Android users. And most people who use the FL Studio Mobile HD App on Android 4.2.2 claim that they don't have the latency issue.

I believe this is worth more than the $20 they charge and it's a great music production app for Android users not for iOS coz there's more better apps than this.

Some Blackberry OS users are also interested in such an app let's hope their prayers will be answered soon.

Find out more detailed info on iTunes: =>CLICK HERE<=

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