How to EQ Bass Guitar

1. Hi Pass Filter at 40 Hz with a Q of 6

2. 50 Hz - 80 Hz are ultra lows on the bass. Cut them or add them how you like but make sure they don't fight the kick drum!

3. From 160 Hz - 350 Hz is where you will find muddiness. Cut here for clarity.

4. 600 Hz - 1 KHz -nutty- bass sound that will relly cut through the mix. Use a lower Q setting and find the sweet spot of your bass.

5. Low Pass filter at 4 KHz to get rid of high end noise and make the bass sound -smoother-

6. 2 KHz - 2.5 Khz adds presence but it can overlap with frequencies of other intruments so use it sparingly.

7. Around 3 KHz will bring out the clicky bass noise. Experiment with it, I don't use it to often, But is often used in funk or pop music.


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