Welcome, if it's your first time here you came at the right time because I'm running a competition, and the winner is going to win 2 effects, 2 guitar amps, 2 vst instruments {a guitar vst and a bass vst}, a sampler and a drum machine. This is everything you need to start making music now.

I've included a compressor, this is a  great plugin I personally use for drums because it has a mix knob that allows me to do parallel compression (also know as New York compression). It has got a brick wall limiter, external side chain, mid/side processing, analog tube/valve modeling, low cpu usage and more. Personally, this is the best compressor.

My other favorite plug in is the bass vst. It has got a lot of different bass sounds, and most of the presets are great, you don't even need to twick the knobs to get a great sound. The other plugins are also awesome but my favorite are the bass and compressor.

To keep the plug ins exclusive to the winner {not flowing all over the internet} I will send the reward straight to their email address. So just enter your name and email address to be taken to the competition page.

The competition will end 25th September 2010.

Note: Make sure that you use the same name when filling the form below and when you answer the simple question on the competition page. Don't use anonymous.

First Name:
E-Mail Address:

May The Best Man Win The Competition!!!

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