How To Make A Dubstep Wobble Bassline

Ableton Live 8 EDU Full VersionToday I received an email from Michael a dubstep fan, and he wants to learn how to make a dubstep wobble bassline using Ableton Live. So I took a video from my friend eArtrash showing you how to easily make a wobble bassline using Ableton and it's built in instrument 'Operator'! There are many methods of creating a dubstep bassline but in this video he will show you the most simplest method on how to make a dubstep wobble bassline.

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  1. Anonymous20:23

    hey i like this tutorial however i've never heard of this software before . When i create music, i use fruity loops as well as other sources
    now i was wondering how user friendly is this product ?

  2. I can't believe that you never heard of Ableton Live and in my opinion it is user friendly and it comes with videos to show you how to use the program and they provide you with advanced music production tips and tricks. If you look on the right you will see an Amazon search box just type in Ableton Live and you will get more detailed info and other resources.