Reader's Music

Every month on my online music production lessons I upload a track from my blog readers for constructive criticism. If you would also like your track to be uploaded for constructive criticism please send it in my drop box.

Today I have a track by Dave Russell from Kidderminster, Britain (UK) best know as BambiD and the name of the track is Bon appetit.

He is influenced by; Boards of Canada, Bonobo, Colder, Deadmau5, Chris Lake.

So please listen to his track and leave your comment below. And remember it's all about constructive criticism.

Bon appetit by BambiD

Tell us what do you think about the track. Did you enjoy it, does it have potential, what about the arrangement, the mix and what would you change to make it sound better.


  1. i like the production and the way it flows but it could probably use another lead/melody with some more variation to keep it interesting. good work so far though

  2. Anonymous06:12

    the tune could be great but the snare doesnt fit the tune for me. as it stands, for me, it is background music for a film etc... as Dokta says it needs a lead/melody. the piano is verging on the edge of cliche.

  3. I like it! sounds like something that could be used for a dvd menu!

    Eternal Waves

  4. Anonymous06:36

    I agree with the above - and i reckon the perfect place to introduce it is when the piano bit starts. Nice tune though. Right up my street!

  5. Kijanafulani09:32

    Nice tune..i think the 1st breakdown could use a more dramatic effect,like add a riser..maybe introduce extra percussion[eg high end bongos] after main breakdown just to cap track on high note..i like the track title name!!

  6. Thank you very much everyone, I hadn't realised my song had been posted on this blog until today.

    All your feedback is much appreciated, Dave :)