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Today I'm doing something really special for a special friend who wants to up his music production game. So all we need to do in order to help him is to listen to his track and give him constructive criticism. His real name is Tom best known as Slow Motion Explosions from Nottingham, United Kingdom. He entered the Linkin Park remix competition, so please listen to the track and if you like it, please vote for him here OK enough taking, they say the more you talk the less people remember.

Existance Before Apology by Slow Motion Explosions

Tell us what you think about the track. Did you enjoy it, does it have potential, what about the arrangement, the mix, and what would you change to make it sound better.


  1. Paul14:53

    I'm not a D n B fan but I think the compression is pretty obvious on the whole mix, especially when the snare kicks in, the track ducks. Use a subtle amount of compression for a mix, something like 2db of gain reduction and use a multi band compressor to smooth things up, remember to keep it natural. The crash (Cymbal) is to long. Equalize the bass to make it fit with the music. Use a short reverb to keep other instruments at the back of the mix, not everything needs to be in front. BTW I learnt this reverb trick on this blog hehe. Nice work though.

  2. Brad15:01

    Yep I totally agree with Paul the compression is obvious and it makes the track sound unnatural. You did a great job by panning the crash to the left and the snare to the right otherwise it would have been a mess. You must also use reverb to create space in the mix.