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Welcome to the online music production lessons today we going to be checking out a song made by MontyXDemon so please listen to the track and give your comments to help him improve his craft and remember it's all about constructive criticism, OK check out the track below and please leave a comment.

I wanna try and make my own style if i can pull it off . Wanted to try and make music that make you feel in a way that you dont wanna stop listing. My music ant always all like this changes to how i feel at the time . I love deeper and darker side of things where it makes you feel in away where you can hear and feel what the dj has been through. So i hope you like what i have done it's not finshed yet but i just wanted to here what people think.

Thanks Daniel

I love to love you in the most awsome way By MontyXDemon by montyxdemon


  1. Really like the beat between 0.15 and 0.52 -very dark stuff reminds me of the early Prodigy stuff.

    Did you use a detuned piano in the background, maybe you could overlay it with a more clear-cut concert piano?
    Only thing can think of really, apart from maybe a vocal. Good work though! :)

  2. Simone15:13

    I don't understand the arrangement and the two kicks don't work together. You must use an EQ to separate them. I like the panning in the first breakdown. The bass at the end of the song is too much, it also needs some equing and compression and the mix does not sound compressed too, you really need to work on your mixing skills. According to my monitoring the instruments are fighting for space in the spectrum.

    I hope that was not harsh :)

    Good Work Though!

  3. Mr Anderson15:52

    you`ve done a remarkably impressive job of splicing two very different sounds. you must have messed around for ages to get it. commendable. @ 1.46 the sound drops out between the bars, not so notable the next few bar skips. but just gave me a flat feeling at the beginning of the second verse so to speak. through the PA at high volumes its such a fat sound, to much? depends on your own taste, you give the dj a difficult job folowing up that amount of sound with his/hers next song on the set. id like to hear it in the club while full of madhatters, then what simon says will apply strongly. thanks for the listen. :)

  4. daniel brierty18:43

    thanks so much for that
    i no what ya mean by the break downs.
    EQ and the compresshion
    I need to get monitoring speakers.
    the part at the end of the song has'nt had any EQ or anything
    but yeah i just wanted to here what some people had to say about it and thank you

  5. Compression! Both your kick and bassline DESPERATELY need it!

    This is a good tutorial for that:

  6. it is a very impressive track, and very complex indeed.
    congratulation it is the kind of songs i like, not too simple or schematic; i like it, but according to me a little master compression with low values of ration would help