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DJ Headphones - What to Look For
by Alan Saltz
DJ Headphones preference is truly subjective. Each person looks for something a little bit different based on where they use them (ie bedroom versus club) and what they use them for (ie. DJing versus production). Preferences for portability, shape, and sound vary as well.

Since there are many important things to look for in a pair of DJ headphones, here is a breakdown of some things to consider before you choose:

Sound Quality

Naturally… it’s all about the music. Great DJ headphones will feature powerful drivers that reproduce crystal clear lows, mids and highs so you don't miss a beat. Make sure you choose a pair that's loud, clean and puts you right in the music. There's nothing more important than this.

Noise Isolation

Being a DJ means finding yourself in loud environments. To ensure that nothing distracts you from your music, choose a pair of DJ headphones that provide much needed sound isolation to ferret out background noise. You’ll want to look for a closed ear design that separates what’s going on inside your DJ headphones… from what’s going on around you.

Strong Construction

DJ headphones undergo a lot of wear and tear. If you choose a pair that has inferior parts, weak connections, or a less than sturdy build, they won’t be able to withstand the rigors of DJing. Be sure to consider what goes into the build of a pair you’re considering and how it stacks up against other models. Quality parts make quality headphones.


Do your headphones feature folding design for easy storage? Do they come with a convenient or protective case that will keep them in better condition longer? These are good things to consider.


Good DJ headphones feel good on your head. And not just for a few minutes… but possibly for hours on end. Make sure the fit is good, the pads are soft and secure and one ear monitoring is comfortable before you buy.


When it comes to DJ headphones, price is an important factor… but it shouldn’t be the most important factor. In general a higher price is going to mean better materials, a better build, better sound, and better features but there are certainly exceptions to this rule. The key is to use a guide, but to look within your range to make sure your other important factors are being met.

Bottom line? If you’re a DJ you’re going to need high quality DJ headphones that will last long, feel comfortable, and help you catch each beat so you can do what you do best. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. But it does mean you should do your due diligence, consider what’s most important to you and seek out the pair that offers the best combination of attributes within your budget. Happy shopping!

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