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Everything you should Know About DJ Decks
by Sachin K Airan
Sachin Airan
The deck is undeniably one of the most vital parts of the DJ hardware so you must ensure that you get one that works for you and is of top quality. There are many things that you are going to need to think about when you purchase any DJ decks. So what are a couple of things that you're going to need to consider before you rush out and purchase your DJ Decks? First thing you'll need to consider is compatibility. If you are planning to use standard CD's then you do not have to worry because the majority of DJ Decks are going to be quite compatible with standard compact discs. Then you must fret about burned discs or CD-R and RW. Not every deck is going to be in a position to play these back, an even if they are you able to may find that it may not play them back very well. What about MP3 compatibility? MP3, being the third layer of a DVD format is extremely popular. This being the case, plenty of these can be fit on one compact disc. Though these are not really the best choice, you will find that it does help in a pinch. The largest difficulty with the MP3 format is that it tends to phase out any sounds that are higher or lower than the actual human audio range. What about compatibility with flash drives? This is fairly crucial. Do you have any concept how much music can really be stored on a flash drive? This certainly makes it an asset in the world of DJ'ing, and if you can find any DJ Decks that have this capability then you need to really have a glance at them. One of the DJ Decks that you may look into are Belt Decks. These are AKA belt drive turntables and can use a belt or band to turn the platter. There is a lot of lost power here though, so occasionally the settings that you select aren't going to be appropriate for an entire song. This can turn out to be a major problem. Another problem that you might run into is the proven fact that it will not do very well for scratching because they suffer from low torque. You may also have to replace the belt from time to time and say with lag when starting the device up. Direct drive is certainly a better choice. The reason behind this is they don't depend on bands or belts, and intact power the turntable without delay. This gives the device a lot more torque and it won't lose quite as much a data while performing. On another note this turntable is also superb for scratching. Also make sure that if you want to use a portable computer that your PC fits on the device comfortably. There are numerous cases where there's a stand the portable is able to sit without delay on, and you need to make sure that it is essentially going to sit there correctly. Those are a few of the considerations you need to remember when you purchase any DJ Decks. Selecting the proper one can be critical to your career of a DJ as well as the success of the performance. So purchase the right one, and above all, have fun! are one of Europe's largest suppliers of Pro Audio, Lighting and DJ Products. They are able to offer friendly guidance on all Sound, Lighting, Video and DJ Decks
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